misha mocha at park
Welcome to Pets For Marin. This site will be a one-stop place for all your pet needs. While I believe it would be preferable to shop locally to support our community, I have included information on services outside of Marin. I want to be inclusive and there are websites that provide more choices that may not be found in Marin or the Bay Area.

After my beloved Misha and Mocha died, I began the search for a puppy to rescue. I spent plenty of time on the web doing searches. I found I navigated to too many sites and was confused as to which sites I had visited, which sites provided the information I wanted to follow up on, and which sites were of little use to me. I was looking for information on pet services offered in close proximity to Marin. I began to contemplate the idea of an easier and more efficient way of searching for and ultimately finding that next member of my family, as well as products and services that I would want to raise a well adjusted and happy pet.

Why not have one website with all information that a pet owner would want? So, the main purpose of this site is to give Marin residents easy access to local organizations for pet adoption, as well as resources for satisfying the needs of new pet owners.

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