Low Cost Services

While Marin County is affluent, the community has virtually no where to go except for the Marin Humane Society for services like spaying and neutering. Currently, one must wait about 2 to 3 months for an appointment for this service. Most vets here charge between $400 to $500 while the Marin Humane Society charges approximately $150 (depending upon your dog size).

When I had to find a vet to spay my dog, I went to another county since the high cost of spaying and neutering is far too much for my situation where I live in Marin. Petaluma Shelter charges $60.00, but one must be a resident. Berkeley Shelter gives a list of low cost vets. Now, how cool is that! Here are some contacts:

Berkeley Shelter
510 981-6600, press 4

Berkeley East Bay Humane Society
510 845-3634, press 15

Pet Line Shelter
707 996-9982

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