Tips provided by pet owners and not “experts”

Fill a can with coins to stop unnecessary barking. Also, if your pet runs towards the door when company arrives, shake the can. Works for me!

From Dr. Andrew Weil (not a professional in this field but certainly has vast knowledge in his field)
If your companion animal has been scratching, it may not mean fleas, he or she may have dry skin or dandruff. Consider talking to your veterinarian about the following homeopathic remedies:

1. Phosphorus - for dandruff and patchy hair loss
2. Sulphur - for red skin with hot spots ("moist eczema")
3. Urtica Urens - for small red blotching on skin
4. Arsenicum Album - for scaly or dry skin
5. Carbo Veg - for moist skin or itching
6. Cinchona Officinalis - for sensitive skin
7. RhusTox - for dermatitis from flea bites or poison ivy