Animal Communication

Lydia is the most sought after animal communicator around. She was referred to me by a Marin resident

Alternative Therapy

Nancy Skallerup
Certified Massage Therapist (CMT for short)
Craniosacral Therapy, Acupressure & Massage

My business (and my calling in life) is the bodywork I do with dogs, horses and the occasional cat.  Craniosacral therapy is my specialty, though I use all my "tools" in almost every session. These tools include: Craniosacral therapy, Acupressure, Therapeutic Touch, Sportsmassage, Deep Tissue and Therapeutic massage.  In addition to the traditional massage and bodywork I do to help someone feel more comfortable by relaxing the body's muscles and connective tissues, I also work with my clients to help them resolve old traumas, injuries or illnesses, and reveal compensation patterns so that the body/mind/spirit can resolve them and work more efficiently, more in line with how his/her particular body is designed to work best.

Here are my credentials:

I am a Certified (human) Massage Therapist. (Yes, I also have human clients.) It is an important credential for the vets, and gives people (rightly, I believe,) a level of comfort that I know what I am doing.

I have also been specifically trained to work on horses and dogs, in the following modalities:
  • Craniosacral Therapy (with the Upledger Institute)
  • Acupressure (w/Diana Thompson through Equinology, and w/the Tallgrass Institute in Colorado)
  • Sportsmassage (the Meagher method of Sportsmassage, with certified teacher Margaret Manion)
I have studied canine and equine anatomy as well, and continue my studies in this area. I also use my human training in Therapeutic Touch (a treatment developed by a nurse and used in hospital settings to speed the healing process) in my work with animals. 
--Nancy Skallerup